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Important Information for Hoffman Realty Landlords about the PropertyWare Outage

Fri, Sep 14th 2012 12:49 pm by Andrew Dougill Rental Property Owner Education

PropertyWare Outage

PropertyWareOn Wednesday afternoon 12 September, PropertyWare, the software database system Hoffman Realty uses to manage our landlord's rental properties went "off-line". PropertyWare's customer support staff informed us that they are having a system-wide outage affecting all their users in North America. Therefore Hoffman Realty, along with thousands of other property managers (representing millions of rental properties in the United States and Canada) was unable to access their property management data. As of Friday morning 14 September the PropertyWare system was still "off-line". UPDATE: On Saturday and Sunday it seemed to be back online and stable. UPDATE: Performance probl...

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Tax deductions for Tampa rental management

Wed, Feb 22nd 2012 8:10 am by Andrew Dougill Rental Property Owner Education

Tax deductions for Tampa rental managementIts tax time and if you are new to Tampa rental management you likely have questions about tax deductions on your Tampa rental property. The tax treatment of your Tampa property while under property management is quite different to your primary residence. The good news is that a lot of your expenses as a landlord can be deducted to offset your rental income. Generally you will be able to deduct the following rental expenses:

Property Management Service Fees:

Your property management expenses such as management fees and leasing fees are deductible.

Mortgage Interest:

If you have a mortgage, the interest you pay each year (that is reported to you on a 1098) is deductible.


Your ...

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