Important Information for Hoffman Realty Landlords about the PropertyWare Outage

Posted By Andrew Dougill @ Sep 14th 2012 12:49pm In: Rental Property Owner Education

PropertyWare Outage

PropertyWareOn Wednesday afternoon 12 September, PropertyWare, the software database system Hoffman Realty uses to manage our landlord's rental properties went "off-line". PropertyWare's customer support staff informed us that they are having a system-wide outage affecting all their users in North America. Therefore Hoffman Realty, along with thousands of other property managers (representing millions of rental properties in the United States and Canada) was unable to access their property management data. As of Friday morning 14 September the PropertyWare system was still "off-line". UPDATE: On Saturday and Sunday it seemed to be back online and stable. UPDATE: Performance problems on Monday and Tuesday, when heavily loaded.

What does this means for me as a Hoffman Realty landlord?

Hoffman Realty uses PropertyWare for accounting, banking, maintenance, marketing, contact management, and Landlord and Renters Portals. During the outage, Hoffman Realty was unable to:

  1. Schedule your Owners Draw for September, so it will be a few days late this month. 
  2. Provide you access to your Landlord Portal during the outage
  3. Send emails during the outage to provide updates on this situation (as PropertyWare is our contact manager system)

When can I expect to get paid?

We are hoping you will receive your direct deposits on Tuesday18 September. To enable this to happen, we came into the office at 2 AM on Friday 14 September, when PropertyWare was lightly loaded, and were able to schedule ALL our landlord's direct deposits. 

If you receive payment by check and USPS, we expect to be able to mail you your check on or before Tuesday 18 September.

When can I expect to get my monthly financial statements or access my Landlords Portals?

We don't know as it depends on the schedule for PropertyWare fixing their current issues. Hopefully no later than Tuesday 18 September when most owners will receive their Owner's Draw.

What about maintenance of my property?

We don't expect this to be affected. Your tenants can still submit maintenance requests using a form on our website or using the telephone.

What else can you tell me about the outage?

PropertyWare is provided us the following about their service outage:

"The service outage was due to a rare combination of failures on both our primary and redundant servers. This is an extremely rare situation… in fact it has never happened before. At no time was any sensitive customer information, including credit card data, passwords or names and addresses, compromised, and there was no loss of any client data. Throughout our history, we have provided exceptionally high uptime and we expect this level of performance from ourselves. Beginning late [Wednesday] afternoon, we fell short of these expectations. We have learned from this event and are using it to drive improvement in our services by upgrading our server infrastructure to add a third layer of redundancy and expanding processing power to improve the speed of our application."


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