When you want to rent your house in Tampa Bay, there are three things that you must do in order to get a great tenant quickly

Price it right:

words ( brand, public, ads, media, product, marketing, commercial ), the word Advertising is embossed and in red colorThe price of your property is extremely important if your want to rent your house quickly. That means not pricing it any higher than comparable properties in your area. The rental market is very sensitive to price, so if in your neighborhood a three bedroom, two bathroom townhouse is renting for $1,600 a month, you should not be pricing yours at $1,700 or $1,800.

Broadly advertise your property:

In Tampa Bay area today, this means it has to be on the Internet, on multiple high quality rental home websites that will be viewed by a good number of prospects. Craigslist alone is not going to be enough. See our related blog for Advice on the Best Internet sites to advertise your Tampa rental home. Be sure to watch this blog, so you get our recommendations on the sites you want to hit in order to get the best advertising results.

Have your property Rent Ready:

It has to look its best if you want to get it rented out. This means the property must be clean, so when you are showing it to potential renters, people find themselves wanting to rent it. We have another article called How to Command Top Dollar for Your Tampa Rental that will give you specific tips on the things you need to do in order to make sure your property shows its best to prospective tenants. Make sure you check it out so you can be sure your property is as appealing as it can be when you show it.

If you do these three things; price it right, broadly advertise and make sure it is Rent Ready, you will find yourself able to locate excellent tenants quickly. This should make you a very happy landlord.

Please contact us at Hoffman Realty if need any more information on how to rent your property in Tampa Bay.