How We Inspect Your Property

We perform a video taped move-in inspection at the start of a tenancy.

At around 90-days after the start of the tenancy, we perform an occupied inspection to check for issues like:

  • – Unsanitary conditions
  • – Excessive wear and tear
  • – Unauthorized occupants
  • – Unauthorized pets

We take photos to document. If there are issues, we schedule action and subsequent follow-up inspections. Assuming all is OK, the next interior inspection is an Annual Property Review in 6-months or 90-days prior to the end of the lease.

The Annual Property Review (APR) is a written report with photos performed by a licensed home inspection company. The APR goes beyond tenant lease compliance to inspect the major systems in the property (such as roof, plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, appliances, etc.). This is important report for our landlords. Owning an investment property is like owning a car – if you don’t maintain it properly, it will let you down. The licensed home inspector also performs our comprehensive safety inspection at the same time. We want your tenants to be safe in your property, and it benefits you as the landlord because it lowers your potential liability to personal injury claims.

At move-out, we perform another video taped move-out inspection. We bring this back to our office to compare it with the move-in so we can make informed decisions about tenant damages and cleaning responsibility.