Evict a Tenant – Prepare for the Eviction

This is part two in our blog on how to evict a tenant in Tampa. In the first part, we discussed alternatives to eviction. Today, we will discuss how to prepare for the eviction. Later in part three, we will talk about filing for eviction and in part four, we’ll tell you what to do after you prevail in court.

How do you prepare for an eviction when you can’t convince a tenant to just move out?

Notice of Eviction file stamp on a beige color doorMany times, landlords will hire our company when they have a tenant who stops paying rent, and they want us to take over management, evict the tenant, find a new tenant and provide a good experience going forward.

How much is owed?

In almost every case where we have taken over the management of a delinquent tenant, we have to construct an accurate ledger of what the tenants have and have not paid. In most cases, the landlord does not have accurate records. It is so vitally important to have a good record of what is still owed. If the records are not correct or cannot be understood, the eviction can be held up or stopped.

Complete a 3 Day Notice

The second thing we need to get our hands on while preparing for an eviction is the lease. From the lease and the ledger, we can put together all the information we need in order to complete a 3 Day Notice. The 3 Day Notice in Florida provides tenants will a formal demand that they either pay the rent they owe, or quit the property. As soon as we have all the information we need from the ledger and the lease, we serve a 3 Day Notice on the delinquent tenant. At the end of the 3 Day Notice period, we can start the eviction filing.

Two important tips for posting a 3 Day Notice:

  • Do not put late fees on the 3 Day Notice. Only what is defined as rent payments in the lease can be included. If you add other fees and charges to your 3 Day Notice such as damage costs and late fees, the eviction can be stopped.
  • Think about your timing. You can only use business days in the 3 Day Notice. You will need to make sure you know the public holidays in Florida and which days the courts will be closed. You cannot include weekends when counting down the three days a tenant has to pay or quit.

If you have any questions about how to prepare for an eviction, or what is required in the 3 Day Notice, please do not hesitate to contact us at Hoffman Realty.

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