DIY Maintenance For Tenants


How to unclog sink or shower drain

Getting rid of drain flies

How to reset your garbage disposal

How to shut off water at the meter pit

How to shut off water in a condo/ apartment

How to unclog toilets

How to fix your faucet aerator

How to stop a running toilet.


Testing and resetting a GFCI outlet

How to correctly reset a tripped breaker

How to change your smoke/carbon monoxide detector batteries

How to manually open your garage door if no power

How to align Garage Door Sensors

How to reset an Electric Hot Water Heater


How to test an irrigation system

How to manual start/stop Rain Bird Irrigation Timer


How to fill a water softener with salt

How to save your food if your fridge stops cooling/ electric outage

How to troubleshoot a Fridge not cooling

How to fix cordless blinds


How to clean a bathroom exhaust fan

How to remove hard water stains from shower glass

How to clean a glass stove top

Hot to clean bathroom overflow drain


How to change your HVAC air filter

How to unclog an HVAC drain line

How to routinely clean AC drain line w/ Vinegar



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