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Professional Tampa property management should be about making your life and investments run smoother. That’s where Hoffman Realty comes in. We manage single family homes, townhouses, condos, and multi-family buildings for owners and investors who require the best in service and expertise.

Work with Hoffman Realty, the most trusted Tampa property manager in Southern Pasco County and the Tampa Bay area. Our Tampa property managers have helped thousands of owners and investors over the last 30+ years. We’re experts in Tampa Bay rental properties, and our team is focused on delivering results.

Need a Tampa property management expert in the Tampa Bay area?

Give us a call. Not all property management in Tampa is the same. Learn why we’ve been the Tampa property manager that local owners have trusted for 30 years.

Ready for a Tampa Property Manager who Will Protect You and Your Investment?

When looking for property managers in Tampa, hire a company with many years of experience and expertise – and one that pays attention to detail. Before hiring a Tampa property management company, you should first ask what specific things are in place to protect you and your investment.

At Hoffman Realty, we preserve the value of your property by reducing risks and avoiding surprises. We take care to keep you legally compliant and protected from risks, thereby keeping you out of court. We improve your cash flow by paying attention to both your top and bottom lines, keeping costs in check and maintaining your rental revenue. When you work with us, you can trust your Tampa property manager to take care of the details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture of your investment goals.

All Property Rental Investors Benefit from Our Tampa Area Property Management Services


  • Annual Property Review / Safety Inspection
  • 24×7 response to prevent further damage
  • Contractors that provide quality work for a fair price


  • 11-Step Background Screening Process
  • All maintenance requests documented
  • Renters Handbook and Orientation Meeting to set expectations


  • Insurance review
  • Tenant safety checklist
  • Lead-based paint disclosure
  • Fair housing act compliance
  • Insured vendors
  • Protection against malicious damage
  • Protection against loss of rent
  • Protection against eviction costs

What We Do to Protect Owners Like You

Our team believes that it is our responsibility to minimize your risk of owning investment property, while guaranteeing your satisfaction. Review our guarantees below to see how we stand out from other Tampa property management companies.






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Feb 15, 2024
Google - Jami - Hoffman Realty LLC
We have had an excellent experience with Hoffman Realty. Stacy Jordan specifically has managed our rental property. She is quick to respond to emails and maintenance requests (there have been few) and more importantly, she follows up! Highly recommend!
Feb 12, 2024
- Pennie - Hoffman Realty LLC
Hoffman was always responsive to questions and issues that occured.
Feb 12, 2024
- Francisco - Hoffman Realty LLC
Great company with personalized service and great personnel!
Feb 10, 2024
Google - Brian - Hoffman Realty LLC
MaryAnn managed our rental house in Tampa without a hitch for two years. When we were ready to sell, she oversaw all the repairs, helped us get the house to market, sold, and closed within a month of listing—all with clear communication along the way. Highly recommended!
Feb 8, 2024
- Payne - Hoffman Realty LLC
Jan 31, 2024
Google - Maria - Hoffman Realty LLC
Provided excellent service, prompt response, efficient and definitely enjoy working with Nibea Ortiz! She was very helpful throughout the entire transaction. ☺️
Jan 25, 2024
Google - Scott - Hoffman Realty LLC
Had a lovely experience with the management company. Very responsive and honest. We put a lot of effort into cleaning the place when we left and they were honorable enough to give a full refund of the deposit. Jeanette was friendly and quick to respond to any issues. The only complaint would have to be in regards to contractual obligations in regards to exterminators and carpet cleaning. But I suppose that was on the owner, asking for an exterminator to kill imaginary bugs upon moving out. No biggy tho.
Jan 22, 2024
Google - Sasha - Hoffman Realty LLC
Loved working with Hoffman Realty. MaryAnn was excellent! She managed our property for two years and then was our agent when we decided to sell. The communication and organization was excellent. She answered any questions I had And made sure I understood everything. She was always one phone call away. Definitely will use her again for any future properties that need managing! Thank you MaryAnn Hoffman!!
Jan 20, 2024
- John - Hoffman Realty LLC
Good communication and followup.
Jan 19, 2024
- Jarrell - Hoffman Realty LLC
If you want quick responses to maintenance calls and good customer care while renting a home, then you might want to rent a house from Hoffman Realty. It will be a year this upcoming March since I have been renting a home from Hoffman Realty. The Property Management staff, the gated community security company (Envera), and maintenance vendors all have been easy to communicate and do business with. My family is extremely pleased with how Hoffman Realty Property management team focus on the tenant and ensure the homeowner is getting a good service for their home. I would definitely recommend family and friends to rent a home from Hoffman Realty Tampa Property Management. You will not be disappointed with the constant professionalism displayed by this property management team.
Jan 19, 2024
Google - Heather - Hoffman Realty LLC
Nina has been wonderful and so helpful!
Jan 17, 2024
- Alfredo - Hoffman Realty LLC
Business is very well managed. If there is anything happening on the negative side, then that situation becomes priority. All effort and communication continues to be honest and positive.
Jan 16, 2024
- Melissa - Hoffman Realty LLC
Hoffman is good but nightmare plumbing issues and now my landlord is suing the plumber and HOA seems unfriendly to me
Jan 16, 2024
Google - Franziska - Hoffman Realty LLC
We really enjoy working with Hoffman Realty. The onboarding process was quick and straightforward. Everyone we've interacted with has been very helpful and just fantastic. Stacy, our property manager, is exceptional! She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and is always available and quick to respond when we have questions or something needs to be done! Couldn't recommend the team at Hoffman Realty more! You guys are wonderful to work with!
Jan 10, 2024
Google - Andrew - Hoffman Realty LLC
What a difference Hoffman has made. To me the big difference is the people. Stacy has probably made the biggest impact for us. She is always quick to respond, communicates with us early and is always a pleasure to work with. She remembers our individual needs and accommodates them even though she has a large number of clients. Their portal is really good too 🙂
Jan 9, 2024
Google - Joe - Hoffman Realty LLC
Hoffman handled all aspects of my rental and gave me peace of mind, even through a hurricane. When I decided to sell, Hoffman handled everything while I was living in another city. Highly recommend Hoffman for your rental or selling needs.
Jan 8, 2024
Google - David - Hoffman Realty LLC
They take care of me as the homeowner. I've owned a property in Fla while living in Md for the last 3 years. They look out for it like it's their own. I highly recommend them as a property manager.
Dec 28, 2023
Google - Kristie - Hoffman Realty LLC
I was skeptical at first about my landlord hiring a management firm, but its been more than great. Stacy goes above and beyond as my contact person. Her professionalism and attention to detail is impeccable. Thrilled with the timeliness to repairs and punctuality of the contractors. All super friendly and trustworthy. Only hoping my rent doesn't go up in June!
Dec 27, 2023
Google - Chris - Hoffman Realty LLC
My wife and are very happy with the service we have received from Hoffman, in particular our experience with Stacy Jordan has been a complete pleasure, we have felt like we had someone in our corner looking out for us. She has responded to any correspondence with more than we could ask for. I will recommend Hoffman because of Stacy. She represents them extremely well. Chris
Dec 27, 2023
Google - Rosa - Hoffman Realty LLC
Maryann and Stacy are wonderful and most helpful to work with, especially giving us timely advice concerning the tenant and our property conditions. They are an excellent property management team doing a great job! Keep up the good work!
Dec 27, 2023
Google - Ross - Hoffman Realty LLC
We recently switched to Hoffman Realty from a different rental management company. Renting became fun again for us and for our tenants. We work mainly with Stacy who is calm, knowledgeable, and confident in her skills. We are recommending Stacy to everyone we know.
Dec 26, 2023
- Chris - Hoffman Realty LLC
Stacy has been great and we feel like we matter to her
Dec 21, 2023
- Mark - Hoffman Realty LLC
Always there when I need you. fantastic
Dec 19, 2023
- David - Hoffman Realty LLC
Fair and reasonable. Responsive. I've been with them for over 2 years.
Dec 19, 2023
- Brian - Hoffman Realty LLC
Hoffman Realty is well managed, proactive, and fairly priced. They have consistently exceeded my expectations for property management services and I highly recommend them.

Annual Safety Inspections

Regular property inspections for properties in Eastern Pinellas County and elsewhere in the Tampa area, allow us to check that all is well and proactively address any issues. We are the only company in Tampa Bay that performs annual safety inspections. It’s just one of the reasons we’re considered the best in Florida property management.

Here is how we inspect your property:

We perform a video taped move-in inspection at the start of a tenancy. Around 90 days after the start of the tenancy, we perform an occupied inspection to check for issues like:

✓ Unsanitary conditions
✓ Excessive wear and tear
✓ Unauthorized occupants
✓ Unauthorized pets

We take photos to document. If there are issues, we schedule subsequent follow-up inspections. Assuming all is OK, the next interior inspection is an Annual Property Review in 6 months, or 90 days prior to the end of the lease.

A kitchen and dining area near where where you can hire a Tampa property manager from Hoffman Realty

The Annual Property Review (APR) is a written report with photos performed by a licensed home inspection company. The APR goes beyond tenant lease compliance to inspect the major systems in the property (such as roof, plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, appliances, etc.). This is an important report for our landlords. Owning an investment property is like owning a car – if you don’t maintain it properly, it will let you down. The licensed home inspector also performs our comprehensive safety inspection at the same time. We want your tenants to be safe in your property, and it benefits you as the landlord because it lowers your potential liability to personal injury claims.

At move-out, we perform another video taped move-out inspection. We bring this back to our office to compare it with the move-in so we can make informed decisions about tenant damages and cleaning responsibility.

A sample rent report from Hoffman Realty

How Much Rent Can You Get for Your Tampa Investment Property?

Pricing your Tampa Bay area rental property correctly is an important step in earning as much ROI as you can. If you price it competitively, you’ll attract the most qualified tenants, and you’ll rent it quickly. That saves you money on vacancy costs and potential damage that the wrong tenant can do.

At Hoffman Realty, our Tampa property managers understand the local market and competition. Each neighborhood and community in Tampa Bay has its own price range and tenant pool. We’ll put together a comprehensive analysis that targets the right price for your home based on its location, size, and condition.

Fill out the form to the right to receive your Free Rental Analysis, and get started with the best in Tampa property management.

Ready for a Tampa Property Manager to Improve Your Cash Flow?

Hoffman Realty, Tampa property management expert, improves investors’ ROI on their rental properties.


  • Tiered maintenance approach
  • Reputable vendors
  • Maintenance vendor discounts
  • No maintenance mark-ups


  • Aggressive marketing and fast renter placement with our Tenant and Realtor Marketing Programs
  • 11-Step Background Screening Process
  • Tenant Retention Program to avoid vacancies and minimize turnover


  • Renter’s Portal and online rent collection
  • Direct deposit to your account
  • Successful late rent collection process
  • Market knowledge about rent increase opportunities

Your Hoffman property manager will use 4 behavioral questions to dig deeper into an applicant’s situation to identify any red flags early on that could suggest future issues with the renter.


Download a copy of our 11-Step Background Screening Process today.

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11 Step Bacground Screening Process Banner

Do You Want a Tampa Property Manager Who Will Rent Your Property Quickly? 

Hoffman Realty uses two programs to get your home rented quickly to quality tenants, thereby shortening vacancies and saving you money.

Our Tenant Marketing Program

The goal of Tenant Marketing is to find you “the best tenant in town”. They are the ones who pay rent on time, care for your property, and therefore give you the best return on your investment. To find these tenants, you have to interview them before other Tampa property managers. You want these tenants to see your property as quickly as possible, in order to minimize your vacancy time, and increase your cash-flow. This is how we do it:

Comprehensive Marketing Banner

Your property will be advertised on 50+ websites. This includes the site used by the MacDill AFB Housing Office, so we can reach relocating military service members. You want your property to be everywhere a potential tenant might look, so they will know it is available to rent.

Read more

When a potential tenant finds your property online, you want it to have good photographs, informative copy, and an HD video walkthrough tour. Good content is important because you want your potential tenant to pursue seeing your property in person.

Ready to Respond 7 Days/Week Banner

If there is interest in your property, the potential tenant is going to reach-out either by telephone, email, or social media. This is the critical phase where most tenant leads are lost because most landlords and Tampa property managers do not have the resources to respond in a timely manner.

Read more

Most important are the telephone calls because these are the “hot” leads, and most potential tenants will not want to leave a voicemail on a telephone system.

Hoffman Realty “live answers” telephone leads on your rental property 7 days a week, 9 AM to 8 PM Monday thru Friday, and 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday thru Sunday. We also have an Agent-on-Call 7 days a week to respond to email and social media messages. This costs money, but it is money well spent as it produces results.

Convenient Showings Banner

It should be convenient for potential tenants to schedule showings of your property. With Hoffman Realty, they can schedule appointments online or on our website, as well as by telephone and email.

Read more

Our Tampa property managers show properties 7 days a week. If you make it convenient to schedule a showing and tour your property, you will find quality renters faster, have shorter vacancies and improved cash-flow.

Give us a call to learn more ways that our Tampa property managers are the best in Tampa property management.

Quality Tenants small inside a box with red border line

Schedule Appointments Online, by Phone or Email

Our Realtor Marketing Program

When you work with Hoffman Realty, your Tampa property manager will utilize our Realtor Marketing Program.

The Realtor Marketing Program is about engaging other real estate companies and their agents to help you rent your property. As there are thousands of realtors in town this really multiplies your efforts to find a good tenant.

A beige two-story home with a pool and double staircase near where you can hire a Tampa property manager from Hoffman Realty

More Exposure

Hoffman Realty allows other real estate companies to advertise your property directly on their website. In fact, we enable an automatic feed so it is easy for them to download and display your property on their company website. The more exposure – the better for you.

A beige two-story home with a pool and double staircase near where you can hire a Tampa property manager from Hoffman Realty


We have a comprehensive listing in the MLS so realtors know all about your rental property and what qualifications we are looking for in your next tenant. We have a call center just for realtors that allows them to easily schedule showings of your property 7 days a week.

Several beige townhomes with white trim and red shutters, near where you can hire a Tampa property manager from Hoffman Realty

Competitive Commission

We offer a competitive commission to the agent that brings you a good tenant. This is so important. The amount of commission offered is directly proportional to how motivated an agent will be to show their customers your property. How frequently your property is shown to good, qualified rental prospects, is related to how quickly your property will rent. The faster your property rents, the more money you keep.

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