Tampa Property Management Guide

Attracting tenants is a lot like dating.
a family picture with a golden retriever dog, sitting in the garden, behind their houseWhen you are looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you have to get out there and socialize. You can only attract a great date when you are seen by other people. The same is true when you have a rental property that you are trying to match to a great tenant. You want to get that property out into the world so that renters can find it. Today, that means the property has to get a lot of exposure and be advertised on the Internet.

At Hoffman Realty, we advertise our rental properties on more than 100 websites.

If you are an individual landlord with one property to rent out, it can seem overwhelming. You might not have the time or the resources to advertise on 100 websites. Make sure you are at least advertising on the top six rental property websites in your market area. Remember that the more broadly you advertise, the more likely it will be that you can find a really good match with the perfect tenant.

Make Sure You Are Available for Potential Tenants

Once you have introduced your property to the world and advertised in online, make sure you are available. Again, when you are dating, you might see someone that you like across the room, so you walk over to where he or she is, and you start communicating. You do this because you want to get to know that person better.

It works the same way with rental properties. If a potential tenant sees you online and they call or email you, you have to be there to respond to the communication and engage in conversation. This gives you both the opportunity to learn a little bit more. We often hear about tenants who email a property manager or a landlord about a property that they find and like online, and they don’t get a response until several days later. By that time, the potential tenant will not be able to remember which property you are calling back about, and there is a very good chance that the tenant has found something else while waiting for your call back.

We recommend that you answer phone calls and emails seven days a week.

At Hoffman Realty we do this and this helps us beat many landlords to the best tenants in town. Being well advertised and being available are the best ways to attract good tenants.

If you have any questions about finding the right tenant for your property, contact us or give us a call at (813) 875-7474.