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At Hoffman Realty, we approach every rental property that we manage as if it’s our own investment. One of the things we prioritize is maintenance. There’s no way to take shortcuts when we’re talking about repairs and improvements, especially if you want your property to continue increasing in value. You cannot rent out a deteriorating home to good tenants

Maintenance is a priority for us. We invest in preventative maintenance and we expect the owners we work with to take repairs, updates, and improvements seriously. 

Attention to detail when we’re maintaining your property is important to us. Staying one step ahead of the next emergency is also important to us. 

Our maintenance processes are designed to protect the condition of your property and keep your costs down while retaining tenants with exceptional customer service. 

If you’re not ready to think beyond the repairs that your Tampa rental property will always need, you can count on us to do that for you. Our experience and our resources allow for an expert-led maintenance process. 

Here’s more on the essential role of maintenance when we’re talking about property management

Property Management Reduces Emergency Maintenance Needs

Most rental property owners and tenants want to avoid the drama and the stress of emergency maintenance whenever possible. 

Here’s what we can tell you: Routine repairs and preventative maintenance schedules are important because they avoid emergencies when you least expect that something will break. 

Emergency maintenance issues will always require an immediate response. Maybe your tenant has called to report the water heater is leaking and causing a flood in a closet, the sewer line is backed up and threatening your toilets, or a tree has crashed onto the roof during a tropical storm. Accidents, fires, floods, and problems with locks, water heaters, and heat are often the reasons that tenants will request emergency maintenance. 

Unexpected things will happen from time to time, and even the best property managers cannot prevent that. However, when an emergency does occur, we’re prepared. We are easy to reach, and we act quickly to keep your tenant safe and to mitigate any further damage to your investment property. 

Our attention to routine maintenance inspections and services means that these emergencies are rare. We know how to recognize the danger signs before they turn into maintenance emergencies. We take care of small fixes right away in order to avoid those expensive emergency repair calls.

Preserving the Condition of Your Tampa Rental Home 

It is simply impossible to make money on your Tampa investment property without good maintenance practices.  

Part of our maintenance process is to focus on routine maintenance and preventative services so you don’t have to replace your roof, your HVAC system, your water heater, or your plumbing too soon. We want to extend the lifespan of your most expensive systems. 

Not only does preventative maintenance preserve the condition and value of your property, it also lets us know when things need to be updated or upgraded. If we’re called to fix an appliance three times in one year, for example, we’ll likely recommend to you that instead of repairing it, we simply replace that appliance.  

How does this help you, as an investor? Maintaining the systems, appliances, structure, and even the curb appeal and landscaping of your property allows us to charge more in rent. Tenants will be willing to pay more for a home that is modern, updated, and in good condition. You’ll stand out in the market, especially when competing properties are showing signs of age, deterioration, and wear and tear. 

Our willingness to provide routine maintenance will keep your rental value high and you’ll also increase your equity because as your tenant continues to contribute to your mortgage and other expenses, the value of that property will continue to rise. 

Avoiding Deferred and Unreported Maintenance

Another good reason to work with property managers to maintain your home: there’s less deferred maintenance. Fixing a problem that’s been left to fester is expensive. It can jeopardize the safety and the profitability of your investment. 

Nothing gets easier or less expensive with time. If you ignore a minor repair because it seems like no big deal, that problem is only going to get worse. It’s only going to get more expensive. We keep up. We take care of everything as soon as you learn of it, no matter how minor. 

We’re also invested in educating your tenants on our maintenance process and how we expect them to partner with us to maintain your home. Our residents understand that we expect to be informed as soon as something breaks. We don’t want them to hesitate or delay making a maintenance request for the same reason we avoid deferred maintenance; unreported maintenance is equally as expensive. 

Accessing Licensed and Insured Vendors and Contractors

Find PlumberThe way that vendors and contractors work has shifted since the pandemic. You might have noticed that it’s more difficult to find a plumber or HVAC technician. They’re busy. They have a backlog of work, and this means they can be choosy about who they work with. They can raise their rates and customers will pay them.  

There’s a shortage of reliable labor. For an independent landlord, that means waiting weeks for work to be done. For property managers, it means we can leverage the relationships we already have in place with local vendors and contractors. These professionals like working with us because we provide steady work, and make things as easy as possible for them. You won’t have to worry about finding the right plumber or roofer when you work with us. We already have a great network, and we’re even able to negotiate their best rates. 

Our vendors are licensed, insured, and committed to working with us on the properties we manage.

Choosing a Tampa property management company that prioritizes maintenance and invests in good preventative policies can provide peace of mind and a more successful investment experience. Let’s talk about how we can go beyond repairs and provide the best maintenance for you and your property. Contact us at Hoffman Realty.