This is a follow up to our earlier blog in which we talked about the top 5 laws every landlord needs to study. That particular blog covered federal laws. Today, we’re state-specific, and we’re discussing the top 3 Florida Laws every landlord needs to study.

Florida Laws, Statute 83

This statute is the Florida Landlord and Tenant Act. In particular, every residential landlord should study Part 2 of this Act. It contains things you need to know to stay in compliance and legally manage your rental property.

Florida Information Protection Act

The Florida Information Protection Act applies to anyone collecting personally identifiable information from others in the course of conducting business. As a landlord, you’re collecting a lot of information from applicants to conduct background checks. So, you do fall under this law. Study it well and understand how you should store and dispose of this personal information and data.

Florida Landlord Local Ordinances

Every county and city in Florida has its own ordinances and regulations that will set rules and standards for rental properties. You need to follow the minimum standards that have been set for you locally. For example, in Tampa, you would need to be familiar with the ordinances put forth by Hillsborough County. Among these ordinances, the part you really want to familiarize yourself with is Section 09-63, which sets the minimum standards for rental properties in the county. Make sure you understand what your city or county expects.

Andrew M. Dougill photoThere are a number of other laws that you need to understand to be a successful landlord. These are the three most important laws that every Florida landlord should study. Check out the five national laws as well, if you have not already spent some time with that blog. If you have questions about laws and how to study them and stay compliant, please contact us at Hoffman Realty.