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As Tampa property managers and real estate experts, we have invested in some of the newest and most innovative technology that’s available to the industry. It allows us to lease, manage, and maintain the investment properties in our portfolio far more efficiently. Whether you’re working with us to buy, sell, or rent out a home, you’ll leverage the technology we use to enjoy a more professional management experience. 

You’ve surely noticed that the world of real estate has experienced a significant shift in recent years, making traditional methods of property management obsolete. With the rise of new technologies, real estate transactions have become far more straightforward, which has made the industry more accessible to new investors and easier to navigate for even experienced investors. 

The tech tools available are being used by property managers and real estate experts as well as self-managing landlords, investors, and even tenants who are renting a home from us. Because we are continually seeking innovative tools to help us manage properties more efficiently, we’re finding that we have more information to help you make smart decisions about your investments

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting technology we’re using, and discuss some of the benefits to you, your property, and your tenants. 

Online Property Management Platforms

If you work with us at Hoffman Realty, you have likely used your online owner portal. We also have an online tenant portal, and we’ve found that these digital platforms are a huge benefit, especially when it comes to collecting and tracking rental payments, maintenance requests, and other important documents and activities. 

One of the most excessive challenges in property management is effective record-keeping, particularly when you’re renting out multiple properties. You might remember the days of having to maintain various spreadsheets, receipts, and lease agreements manually, and in paper files. Our technology provides several online property management platforms to help us keep track of everything in one place. These platforms can be used to: 

  • Collect and pay rent
  • Accept maintenance requests
  • Store tenant information
  • Follow up on billing and accounting records
  • Organizing maintenance schedules

Online portals offer considerable time savings for landlords and property managers. They are also convenient for tenants, who generally prefer to pay rent online and submit routine repair requests electronically. 

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Have you noticed the rise of chatbots and virtual assistants in real estate? 

It has significantly transformed the process of answering queries and responding to information requests. These Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered apps answer questions in real-time and help prospective renters book appointments or ask for assistance. This technology has taken over the tedious task of answering calls and emails, freeing up time for landlords to focus on managing their properties and their tenant relationships.

AI is a quickly growing technology that property managers and real estate experts are learning how to harness. Thanks to AI, we can parse through a large volume of data, pulling out exactly the analytics and insights that provide the information we need. 

When it comes to providing information and even collecting information, AI does great in the form of a chatbot or virtual assistant. When there’s a question or a situation that AI cannot handle, a human is quickly summoned. 

Smart Home Tech for Tampa Renters

There’s a strong demand among tenants for smart home technology in the properties they rent. It’s becoming increasingly important, especially as residents look for ways to save time and money. When you consider what smart thermostats and automated lighting and other technologies can do for your property and your tenants, you’ll see the value in making these investments. 

The right smart home tech will deliver energy savings and reduce utility bills. That’s a big draw for qualified residents. It’s an incentive to rent your home, and it’s a good reason to increase your rental value. Tenants will understand the benefits that come with the technology you provide. 

You’ll find that many smart home devices can also improve the security at your property. This will benefit both you and your tenants. Video doorbells are extremely popular right now; tenants are able to see who is at the front door before they decide to answer it. They can also tract the delivery of packages. 

Additional security features that are driven by smart home technology include: 

  • Smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that will notify you if levels are dangers and allow you to make the necessary evacuations. 
  • Water and irrigation sensors that alert you to any potential leaks. This could stop potential flooding and minimize the damage to your property that water can cause.

Smart home technology is a great idea for you and your tenants. In addition to the security features and the tech that’s focused on saving energy and conserving resources, it also keeps your property modern and desirable to modern tenants. 

We also understand that upgrading the technology and the systems and functions in your rental home can require an investment you may not be prepared to make. Start slow. Look for tech-driven upgrades and improvements that you can afford and that will easily deliver a higher return on investment. 

Technology has become an essential aspect of the property management business, making life easier for both landlords and renters in Tampa. As property managers, we’re able to invest in some of the most innovative platforms and software that’s available. Independent landlords might find it’s cost prohibitive to invest in the same things that we use. But you can find technology that’s available on a smaller scale. Or you can partner with a Tampa property management company and leverage the tech that we already provide. 

Among many other benefits, online property management platforms, artificial intelligence, and features like smart home technology are some of the innovative tools that have revolutionized real estate and the work that we do. These tools can help landlords manage their properties effectively, while also providing renters with one-of-a-kind leasing experiences. 

Contact Property ManagerWith these technologies, real estate investors have the potential to draw more tenants to their properties and maximize their profits. We’re here to help you. Contact us at Hoffman Realty for all of your Tampa property management needs.