Finding Tenants for Your Tampa Rental Property

Here at Hoffman Realty, we have a system that we use for finding tenants, and I’d like to share that system with you today.

Advertising Online

The first thing we do, knowing that 90 percent of all potential renters begin their search for a home on the Internet, is to be everywhere online that someone looking to rent a home in the Tampa Bay area might be. Our system allows us to advertise on 50 of the top rental home websites. In our advertising, we always include a video tour of the property. We film the property as if we were taking that potential renter on a private tour of the property. We upload that video to YouTube and then we can use it on all of our listings. Renters appreciate this because it can really save them a lot of time.

Advertising on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Another important thing we do is advertise your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). With that listing, we offer a competitive commission to real estate agents who might show your property to the clients they are working with. That multiplies our efforts in getting your property rented quickly to a great tenant. Be careful of any property managers who offer a surprisingly low leasing fee because that means the company probably cannot afford to pay competitive commissions to agents. When that commission isn’t offered, the agents aren’t going to show your place to the renters they are working with, and it may take longer to get your property leased.

For Rent signage where allowed

For Rent red signage in focus and a house behindWe place signage anywhere that it’s allowed to attract people who might be in the neighborhood. Finally, and very importantly, we respond to leads seven days a week, on the weekends and even in the evenings. This is important because leads can come in through a variety of channels. We get emails and phone calls, and now we even get leads from social media. We have beaten many landlords and property managers to really good renters because we respond to inquiries right away. We won’t wait until the next business day; we’ll answer any questions and schedule showings any time the request comes in. That makes a difference.

If you have any additional questions about how we find really great tenants for your Tampa rental property, please contact us or give us a call if we can answer any questions at (813) 875-7474.