How to find a Residential Property Manager in Tampa and beyond – Part 1

Finding the right property manager for your investment is essential.

In order to help you choose an outstanding professional to manage your property, we have a three-part series full of tips and ideas that we have tried on our own and found to be successful. Part I deals with standards and professional expertise. Our first step in finding a property manager is this:

Step One: Find a manager who is a member of NARPM.

NARPM stands for the National Association of Residential Property Managers. This is a nonprofit organization that represents and promotes the interests of qualified, experienced and ethical property managers. The organization provides a lot of support and resources to property managers, so if you use a manager who belongs to NARPM, you know you have selected a professional who has an entire organization behind him or her.

In addition to helping property managers be the best in their field, NARPM also holds them accountable. Members of this association are required to adhere to strict professional standards. These standards of excellence are meant to protect the public; tenants and landlords included. With professional standards comes a non-negotiable property management code of ethics, which is detailed and specific. These ethics and standards cover everything from avoiding discrimination to maintaining positive business practices. When your property manager is a member of NARPM, you know you are working with someone who takes his profession and his responsibilities seriously.

How do you find a property manager who is a member of NARPM?

Start by going to their website. You can access the National Association of Residential Property Managers at Look for the “Search for Property Managers” tab. As soon as you click on it, you will be asked for your zip code, which you should type into the box. You can also establish how narrow you want the search to be. For example, you could put in a Tampa, Florida zip code of 33612 and tell the search function to give you options within a 2 mile radius, 10 mile radius or another distance.

You will get a list of property managers in your area who belong to NARPM. Click on the “more info” tab to the right of each name, where you can link to specific property management websites and get precise information on location. Choose three property managers who you would like to get to know a little better as you refine your search. Once you have three good leads, you can take the next step in choosing a property manager.

Stay tuned for our next blog, which will show you Step Two in finding the right property manager.

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How to find a Residential Property Manager in Tampa

Part 1: Find a manager who is a member of NARPM
Part 2: Conduct a Background Check
Part 3: Conduct a Professional Interview