How to Rent a Property During a Pandemic Tampa Property Management Lessons

Many of us expected the pandemic would have ended by now, and instead it seems to be an active and ongoing issue that Tampa property managers and rental property owners have had to work around.

Luckily, we invested in technology long ago at Hoffman Realty, which means we’ve been able to conduct business without too many changes over the last year. We’re flexible and adaptable, making the leasing, management, and maintenance process easy to adjust as necessary.

If you’re wondering how to effectively and safely rent out a property during a pandemic, we have some tips on how to do what needs to be done – without exposing yourself or your prospective tenants to any additional risk.

Online Video Tours Can Help with Tampa Rental Home Marketing

While there are ways to make in-person property showings safe, not all of your potential residents are going to want to see the home that way, especially if there’s still a tenant in place. We’ve learned that video tours can be an excellent alternative. This allows tenants to see the property without actually going there. With a high-quality video, they can get a look at the home’s dimensions, features, and indoor and outdoor spaces.

If a local tenant is going to take an online video tour, we’ll also suggest they drive by the property so they can at least see the outside and get a feel for the neighborhood. We don’t want residents to misjudge how long the commute will be from their workplace, for example.

Our online listings include an easy form to fill out for anyone who is interested in applying for the property or scheduling an in-person showing.

Making Showings Safe

Many applicants still want to see the home they’re considering. In these cases, we’ve put in extra protective measures. A mask is required to see a home in-person, and we ask people to keep touching to a minimum. Gloves can be used if a prospective tenant wants to open closet doors or flush toilets.

If the property is occupied, we ask the current tenants to leave the home during the showing just to keep them and the visitors safe. They have been agreeable about waiting in their cars until the showing is over or allowing us to schedule when we know they won’t be home.

If the property is vacant we use a self-show lockbox system where a prospective renter can schedule an online appointment, provide their mobile phone, driver’s license and credit card and they are issues a one-time code to enter the property.

Online Applications and Lease Signing

We have no-contact applications, which allows a prospective renter to apply for a property without handing paperwork back and forth. Our online software accepts applications, supporting documents, and payments for application fees.

Once a tenant is approved, the lease can be viewed and discussed online. The keys can be picked up from a lockbox at the property before they move in, and all security deposits, rents, and other move-in funds can be paid electronically.

How to Rent a Property During a Pandemic | Tampa Property Management LessonsWe know that everyone is anxious for the pandemic to come to a close, and we count ourselves among the hopeful masses. We’re grateful that our Tampa property management systems have been so minimally affected during the COVID crisis. Stay safe, and if you have any questions about renting out a property during these unusual times, please contact us at Hoffman Realty.