How To Rent A Home

This page contains information to help you and your customer rent a home through Hoffman Realty. Please show the property to all adults that will be in residence at the property

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Please follow the steps below:

Registering your Customer with Hoffman Realty

Once you have shown the property and your customer wants to rent, most agents just refer them to us to complete the rest of the application process. Alternatively, you can stay involved throughout the process. We request that you send us an email with the names of your customers, the property and the date you showed the property to them, so we know they are your customers. You can email us here. Alternatively, you can ask your customer to give us a copy of your business card when they deliver their application to us.

Viewing the Lease Terms

You and your customer can view our lease terms here.

Complete the Rental Application

Please ask your customer to completely fill out the application. We need one for each adult on the lease or in residence. An adult is anyone 18 years of age or older. They should also read, initial each page and then sign the Application Disclosure.

You can either:

1. Provide the application(s) to your customer: The following link allows you to download a copy of our Application for Residency and Application Disclosure. You will need a copy of Adobe Reader. Please click here if there is a pet.

2. Send your customer to our website so they can complete the application(s) themselves: The following link allows you customer to apply to rent a home from us. They will need a copy of Adobe Reader. Please click here if there is a pet.

Pay the Rental Application Fee

There is a non-refundable $50 per person application fee. We will accept payment by any of these methods:

~Online Payment, using PayPal, credit card or debit card
~Cashier’s Check payable to Hoffman Realty
~Money Order payable to Hoffman Realty

As a convenience to our customers, we will accept cash payments ONLY for application fees. For safety reasons we prefer non-cash payments. Please only make cash payments in person and always obtain a receipt from a Hoffman Realty team member. Do not put cash in our office dropbox. If it is after hours, you can convert your cash to a money order for no charge just 3 blocks from our office at Amscott Financial, 722 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33609.

Deliver the Application and Fees to our Offices

You can deliver the rental application to our office using any of these methods:

~Scan and email to
~Fax to 813-354-9278
~By personal delivery to our Office
~By personal delivery to a Hoffman Realty team member

Here are the directions to our office so you can deliver you application and monies. If it is after hours, or we are out of the office showing property, please put everything in an envelope and put it in our drop slot. If you email, fax or use our office drop box, we recommend following up with us to confirm we have received everything.

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How Much Rent Can You Get for Your Tampa Investment Property?

Pricing your Tampa Bay area rental property correctly is an important step in earning as much ROI as you can. If you price it competitively, you’ll attract the most qualified tenants, and you’ll rent it quickly. That saves you money on vacancy costs and potential damage that the wrong tenant can do.

At Hoffman Realty, our Tampa property managers understand the local market and competition. Each neighborhood and community in Tampa Bay has its own price range and tenant pool. We’ll put together a comprehensive analysis that targets the right price for your home based on its location, size, and condition.

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