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Our Property Management Guarantees for Eastern Pinellas County and Elsewhere in the Tampa Area

Our Tampa property managers minimize your risk of owning investment property, while guaranteeing your results. Our guarantees are just one reason we’re the best property management in Tampa.

Lease Guarantee

We guarantee your Lease! Should any tenants we place into your rental home move out and break their lease during the first 12-months of their initial lease term, we will find a replacement FOR FREE. We have been guaranteeing our landlord’s leases for over 10 years, and during this time, none of our landlords have had to pay two full leasing fees in the same 12 month period.

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Conditions: Federal military relocation, tenant death and legal lease terminations are excluded. If we are able to recover monies from your tenant to compensate for their lease break, they will be applied in this order: (1st) to pay any unpaid rents due to our landlord caused by the lease break; (2nd) if there are funds remaining, to compensate Hoffman Realty for costs incurred resulting from the lease break.

Eviction Protection Guarantee

We guarantee that if our screened tenant has to be evicted, we will cover the cost. If an eviction becomes necessary at your property, we will cover the eviction costs for up to $2,000.

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Conditions: This only applies to tenants we place into your rental home. Not available with all plans. Requires a Qualified Management Plan.

Animal Protection Guarantee

We guarantee your home will not be damaged by an approved animal. We screen each pet, charge a reasonable fee, and guarantee that you (the property owner) will not pay out of pocket for pet damage. We pay for any damages (exceeding the security deposit) caused by an approved animal up to $1,000.

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Conditions: Service and Assistance animals excluded as we are not allowed to screen.

21-Day Rental Guarantee

We guarantee that we can find a quality tenant for your home in 21 days, or the first two months of management fees are FREE!

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Conditions: Your home must be vacant and “rent ready”, you must allow us to choose the rental price, and you must allow up to 2 approved pets.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with our service, you can end your management contract at any time.

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Conditions: If you notify our Broker by email at Homes@HoffmanRealty.com that you are not completely satisfied, we’ll end your management contract at any time and without penalty for termination.

Trust Hoffman Realty with Your Rental Home

No other Tampa property management service offers you this money back guarantee!

This grey and red leasing guarantee badge demonstrates the high-quality property management Hoffman Realty offers
This grey and red assurance guarantee badge demonstrates the high-quality property management Hoffman Realty offers.
This grey and red animal damage guarantee badge demonstrates the high-quality property management Hoffman Realty offers.
This grey and red 21-Day Rental guarantee badge demonstrates the high-quality property management Hoffman Realty offers.

Try Us without Risk:

We guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with our service you can end your management contract at any time.

Conditions: If you notify our Broker by email at Homes@HoffmanRealty.com that you are not completely satisfied, we’ll end your management contract at any time and without penalty for termination. We ask that you give us up to 30-days to ensure any ongoing maintenance is completed, vendors are paid and we can prepare security deposits and a full management files for you.


4.9 /5
483 Reviews

Jul 22, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Jeffrey
My interactions with Hoffman Realty have been exceptional. They are responsive and have a comprehensive team to meet all of your needs. Nina, in particular, was excellent to work with at Hoffman. She is honest and works very hard to meet your needs. I highly recommend them and to ask to work with Nina..
Jul 17, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Cathy
Hoffman Realty has handled the leasing of my Tampa townhome since 2009. I have always found them to be professional, responsive and quick to address my tenants needs. They have also been excellent at keeping me informed and ensuring that my townhome was excellently maintained. So when it came time to sell my townhome this year, my first choice was Hoffman Realty to handle the sale. The whole experience was excellent. My home sold quickly and the process was smooth. Very pleased. Highly recommend Hoffman Realty!
Jul 8, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Fantasy
We are currently renting a privately owned home through Hoffman Realty. Every time we have needed something, we reach out to our representative and she responds within a day. We recently had a maintenance request that required attention sooner rather then later. I submitted the requested and within 20 mins Hoffman had responded and connected us with a local company to help get it fixed. Great organization
Jun 13, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Amy
Hoffman Realty was the management company for the home we lived in for the last 2 years. They were very responsive with maintenance requests and were always quick to respond when we had questions or problems. We moved out less than a month ago and have already received our full security deposit back. We just bought a home but If we were to rent again, I wouldn’t hesitate to rent through Hoffman again.
Jun 7, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Corbin
I used this team for the purchase and now management of a rental property in Tampa. Great people that know what they are doing! Linda, John, MaryAnn and Andrew have been a pleasure to work with.
May 24, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Preston
I have been living at a wonderful property under Hoffman’s care for 3 years. Each time there is an issue they are very quick to respond and get our needs meet in every way they can. This past experience was fantastic. Doreen went over and above to make sure our daily schedule was not interrupted with having to take off work for a contractor. She reached out and found someone whom could work around our schedule and we are so grateful for her and her dedication to us . Thank you Doreen and the Hoffman crew for having to put up with us these last 3 years. I hope we arn’t too much of a hassle. Haha. Thanx again!
May 12, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Sofia
Although I didn’t end up renting a Hoffman home, I had a wonderful experience. I worked with Linda Ercia, she was extremely nice & always quick to respond. She answered all my questions & worked hard to get us arranged with a home we liked. She left the impression that Hoffman would be an attentive management company. When I am looking again in the future, I will definitely keep Hoffman Realty & Linda in mind !
May 4, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Jennifer
My husband and I rent one of the houses that Hoffman Realty manages and Doreen worked very hard for us to get the home owners to approve to replace all the screens on the pool Lanai. The screens are in horrible condition. At first the homeowners would only agree to replace a few of the panels but with Doreen's persistence, they finally agreed to replace the entire screen. THANK YOU SO MUCH DOREEN!! We truly appreciate you!!!
Apr 22, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty Kelly
The entire Hoffman Realty team comes through again with quick and efficient resolution to our mechanical problem.
Hoffman Realty replied on Aug 18, 2020:
Thanks Kelly, We appreciate your feedback on Amanda and how we are doing. Andrew
Apr 13, 2021
Google Hoffman Realty James
Doreen has been instrumental in assisting with the repairs needed in the house that we are renting. She kept us informed of the process and checked in often for updates. She was a pleasure to work with!


What insurance do I need as a Landlord?

For hazard coverage, you will need a “Dwelling Policy” for your house or a “Rented to Others” Rider for your condo. For liability coverage, make sure you have sufficient general liability coverage in your hazard policy or through a separate commercial liability policy.

If you are new to being a landlord, you should consult with your insurance agent to ensure you are properly protected.

How should a landlord hold escrow?

If your tenant gives you a security deposit, or advance rent, these funds must go into escrow. In Florida, it is best to open a separate bank account to hold escrow as the law requires that these funds not be commingled with your personal funds. The law dictates this account should be at a “Florida banking institution” and, if you choose an interest-bearing account, 75% of the interest, or 5% of the funds deposited, must be paid to your tenant.

What is a Stipulation?

A Stipulation is a court-approved Payment Plan for a tenant that has fallen behind on their rent payments to their Landlord. It is a way to avoid completing an eviction for your tenants who are serious about getting caught up.

Should I accept pets?

Almost 80% of renters in the Tampa Bay area have a pet, so landlords that promote a “no pet” policy miss a huge number of potential renters. If you limit the pool of potential renters, it takes longer to rent your property. Allowing the right kind of pets reduces your vacancy losses by ensuring that your property stays occupied and rented.

Should you rent your property furnished or unfurnished?

Typically short-term rentals are offered furnished as they are used for vacation or corporate housing. However, long-term rentals are typically offered unfurnished, because most long-term renters have their own furniture. In our experience, only a very small number of renters are looking for a furnished long-term rental in the Tampa Bay area, so it will take you a long time to find a long-term renter if you only offer your property furnished.

Should I rent my property without a background check?

All landlords want to rent their property to good tenants. The only effective (and legal) way to know if your potential new tenants will be good neighbors and trustworthy of your property is to perform a thorough background check. This should include credit, criminal, sex-offender, income, and prior landlord references. It’s better to leave your property vacant than to rent to the wrong person.

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