Property Management in the Tampa Bay Area

Why work with Hoffman Realty Property Management?

– Minimal Risk.
– Annual Safety Inspections.
– Comprehensive marketing system.
– With us, what you see is what you get.


Property Management Services in Western Hillsborough County and Elsewhere in the Tampa Bay Area

As your full service Tampa Bay area property management company, we can provide expertise and skill on everything from leasing to maintenance. Whether your property is in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, or the surrounding areas, your investment will be protected and preserved. Talk to us about your specific trouble spots – we’ll make them go away.

What Does An Excellent Property Manager Do?

We Provide These Services for Homeowners in Riverview, Odessa, and the Greater Tampa Bay Area


Minimize Risk

We minimize your risk of owning investment property while guaranteeing your results.

Don’t turn the keys of your rental home over to just anyone. Instead, work with Hoffman Realty, the most trusted name in Tampa Bay property management, and let us do for you

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what we’ve already done for thousands of other clients over the last 30+ years. We help clients in Odessa, Lutz and elsewhere in the Tampa Bay area.

Comprehensive Marketing System

Our comprehensive marketing system and our dedicated leasing specialists ensure that a new tenant will move into your vacant property in no time.

Combined with our 11-Step Background Screening Process, we guarantee your

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property will have a quality tenant as quickly as possible.

Our Tenant Marketing Program reaches quality renters everywhere they look for homes in Tampa Bay, including, but not limited to: Lutz, Westchase, Valrico, St. Petersburg, South Tampa, and beyond.

Annual Safety Inspections

We are the only company in Tampa Bay that performs annual safety inspections.

Regular property inspections allow us to check that all is well and proactively address any issues.

Here is how we inspect your property.

What You See Is What You Get

Our compensation is aligned with our landlord’s best interest.

Some property management companies appear to have a lower upfront management fee, but the reality is that they make their money behind the scenes on the back-end,

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by operating maintenance as a profit center. With Hoffman Realty, maintenance is just a cost center, and your maintenance costs are a transparent pass-through of the vendor’s bill. We don’t profit from a landlord’s misfortune, and our property managers are not motivated to perform unnecessary repairs and maintenance.

What Can I Expect From Hoffman Realty?

Property Management Expertise for Eastern Pinellas County Homeowners

Comprehensive Marketing

Your rental home will be advertised on more than 50 home rental websites.
Your property will rent quickly with a video featuring your rental property.
Your property will be shown to prospective tenants 7 days per week.
Your property will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service.
We rent your Tampa home faster using video tours!

Rent & Financial Management

Your tenants can pay rent online, where it is deposited electronically into your bank account.

Your account information is posted to your Landlord Portal. View when your money will arrive, monthly financial statements, year end tax statements, work orders and invoices. Download our Landlord Portal Handbook.

Your security deposit refunds or claims are coordinated by us and prepared per the Florida Legal Statutes.

Communication & Coordination

Your tenant move-ins and move-outs, cleaning, appraisers, adjusters, repairmen, etc… are coordinated by us.

You can easily communicate with us via email, telephone, emergency repair lines and through your Landlord Portal.

Here because your tenant has stopped paying? We can provide you with discounted residential evictions.

Your property is prepared for the market so you don’t have to.


Tenant Screening

Your applicants will undergo a thorough tenant background screening.

Your tenants will sign a Florida residential lease, prepared by our attorney, that protects you.

Your Rental-Home Renter’s Handbook spells out in writing what we expect of your renter.

Your property will have a move-in video inspection.

Property Maintenance

Your property is inspected frequently every year.

Your property is repaired and maintained using reputable vendors.

Your tenants have a 24-hour emergency repairs telephone system for emergency maintenance requests.

You have a disaster recovery plan for Hurricane Season.

How Much Does Property Management Cost In Southern Pasco County?

Our Fees For Tampa, Lutz, Westchase, and the Surrounding Areas

Rental management fees in this area are varied, and you want to be careful of discount companies that offer super-low rates. You’re going to get services to match that cost. What we charge in property management fees depends on your property and your needs, so contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion about your management needs.

Our most basic plan

Best fit for most owners

Everything Included

Just the Basics Our Most Popular Plan All Inclusive
$99 /month
$149 /month
$249 /month
Finding New Tenants
Finding New Tenants 100% of One Month Rent $60 Attorney Lease Fee 100% of One Month Rent $60 Attorney Lease Fee 50% of One Month Rent Attorney Lease Fee Included
  Lease Renewal of Existing Tenants
Lease Renewal of Existing Tenants 50% of One Month Rent $50 Attorney Lease Fee 25% of One Month Rent $50 Attorney Lease Fee 25% of One Month Rent Attorney Lease Fee Included
  Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening
  Rent Collection
Rent Collection
  Security Deposit Collection
Security Deposit Collection
  Maintenance Coordination
Maintenance Coordination
  24/7 Emergency Coverage
24/7 Emergency Coverage
  Online Access
Online Access
  Move‐In/Out Inspections
Move‐In/Out Inspections
  Tenant Communications
Tenant Communications
  Monthly Accounting and Statement
Monthly Accounting and Statement
  Year End Reporting and 1099
Year End Reporting and 1099
  Routine Repair—Home Warranty
Routine Repair—Home Warranty $50 Per Occurrence
  Legal Notices
Legal Notices $50 each
  Security Deposit Claims
Security Deposit Claims $100
  Insurance Claim Oversight
Insurance Claim Oversight 10% of Claim
  Property Improvement Oversight
Property Improvement Oversight 10% of Repair Cost
  Periodic Occupied Inspections
Periodic Occupied Inspections $125 each
  Drive‐By Inspections
Drive‐By Inspections $50 each
  Annual Property Review / Safety Check
Annual Property Review / Safety Check $150 $150
  Professional Photography (Optional)
Professional Photography (Optional) $250
  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  21‐Day Rental Guarantee
21‐Day Rental Guarantee
  Leasing Guarantee
Leasing Guarantee
  Animal Damage Guarantee
Animal Damage Guarantee
  Eviction Protection Guarantee
Eviction Protection Guarantee

How Much Rent Can I Charge For My Western Hillsborough County Property?

Free Rental Analysis for Homeowners in St. Petersburg, Fl and Elsewhere in the Tampa Bay Area

Pricing your Tampa Bay area rental property correctly is an important step in earning the highest ROI. If you price it competitively, you’ll attract the most qualified tenants and you’ll rent it quickly. That saves you money on vacancy costs and potential damage that the wrong tenant can do.

At Hoffman Realty, we understand the local market and competition. Each neighborhood and community in Tampa Bay has its own price range and tenant pool. We’ll put together a comprehensive analysis that targets the right price for your home based on its location, size, and condition.


List Your Property with Us

To get started, we'll help you:

1. Request a FREE rental home rate evaluation.

2. Download our service guarantees and Landlord's Handbook.

3. Complete our property management agreement, additional forms and Form W-9.

4. Fax these forms to (813) 354-9278 or email to them

5. Mail us a $100 check for the set-up fee.

6. Please call (888) 643-4549.

Calls are answered in the daytime and in the evening, 7 days a week!

On behalf of our entire organization, I’d like to welcome you! We look forward to taking good care of your property for you. Should you need my personal assistance, please feel free to contact me. Welcome to our family of satisfied landlords!

MaryAnn Hoffman, Broker – Owner

Toll Free: (888) 643-4549
Office: (813) 875-7474 ext 104

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Our Property Management Guarantees

We’re certain you’ll love our Property Management services


4.9 /5
388 Reviews

Apr 16, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Russ
Very cooperative and responsive agent to work with! Thanks Mary
Apr 6, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Clay
Hoffman Realty was first class throughout the time we worked with them! They were our property managers for four years and our real estate team once we decided to sale. My wife and I are both in the Air Force stationed in Texas and our home was in Tampa. At no point did we ever have to worry about our property because Hoffman was always on top of everything. They made the renting and selling of our home extremely easy. Thank you MaryAnn!!!!
Mar 4, 2019
Hoffman Realty KBW
Karen testing a positive review on Kiosk
Feb 2, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Joseph
Hoffman Realty has been an tremendous help in managing my rental properties. Jeanette Hardy is a fantastic property manager. She is always available, ready to be if assistance, and caring of all she works with. Jeanette and the Hoffman team are great assets to have on your team!
Hoffman Realty replied on Feb 3, 2019:
Hi Joseph, We really appreciate your nice feedback about Jeanette. Thank-you, Andrew
Jan 28, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Rebekah
Hoffman Realty has addressed any concerns of the tenant quickly, which is important to me as a landlord. In addition, MaryAnn assures that several bids by vendors are obtained in order to assure fair charges to the landlord, and Pam Pagel does an excellent job of preparing and explaining monthly and annual finance reports.
Hoffman Realty replied on Jan 29, 2019:
Hi Rebekah, Thank-you for you kind words about our company and particularly Pam and MaryAnn. We enjoy working for you and Dan as you care and treat your tenants right. Andrew
Jan 11, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Kim
We have been very pleased with Hoffman Realty as our property managers in Tampa. There was a clog in the bathroom shower and Jeanette Hardy of Hoffman Realty, immediately contacted us when notified by the tenant of the problem. It was resolved ASAP by Hoffman's notification to a plumber. I feel by keeping our tenant happy the tenant will want to stay in our rental.
Hoffman Realty replied on Jan 13, 2019:
Hi Kim, Thank-you for your nice feedback about Jeanette. MaryAnn
Jan 4, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Angela
My experience with this company has be awesome me and my husband recently moved into one of Hoffman’s condos. Beautiful place and the Hoffman has a very nice and pleasant team so thank you and best regards The Gilley’s
Hoffman Realty replied on Jan 4, 2019:
Hi Angela, Thank-you for your kind words about our compamy. It means a lot to our team, MaryAnn Hoffman
Dec 29, 2018
Google Hoffman Realty EM
Very professional agency, communication is prompt and they work quickly to resolve any issues or answer questions. Linda Ercia is a gem. Highly recommend renting or leasing through Hoffman!
Hoffman Realty replied on Dec 25, 2018:
Thank-you for the nice review of Linda. She works really hard and will really appreciate your kind words, Andrew
Dec 15, 2018
Google Hoffman Realty Mike
We're very pleased with the Hoffman Realty Team. They managed our Tampa rental property for more than five years. Communication was excellent and they worked hard to maximize value. They also did a good job handling a very quick sale. Highly recommend.
Hoffman Realty replied on Dec 16, 2018:
Hi Mike, Thank-you for your nice review. We enjoyed working for you. Andrew
Nov 14, 2018
Google Hoffman Realty Jason
My wife and I rented from Hoffman Realty for over 2 years. Our experience was Amazing! They treated us like family, and their customer service is top notch! Mary Ann, Jeanette, and the amazing team at Hoffman are Incredible! We highly recommend them if you are in the market to Rent!!
Hoffman Realty replied on Nov 15, 2018:
Jason, Thank-you for your very nice review. MaryAnn


What insurance do I need as a Landlord?

For hazard coverage, you will need a “Dwelling Policy” for your house or a “Rented to Others” Rider for your condo. For liability coverage, make sure you have sufficient general liability coverage in your hazard policy or through a separate commercial liability policy.
If you are new to being a landlord you should consult with your insurance agent to ensure you are properly protected.

How should a landlord hold escrow?

If your tenant gives you a security deposit or advance rent these funds must go into escrow. In Florida, it is best to open a separate bank account to hold escrow as the law requires that these funds not be commingled with your personal funds. The law dictates this account should be at a “Florida banking institution” and if you choose an interest-bearing account, 75% of the interest or 5% of the funds deposited must be paid to your tenant.

What is a Stipulation?

A Stipulation is a court-approved Payment Plan for a tenant that has fallen behind on their rent payments to their Landlord. It is a way to avoid completing an eviction for your tenants who are serious about getting caught up.

Should I accept pets?

Almost 80% of renters in the Tampa Bay area have a pet, so landlords that promote a “no pet” policy miss a huge number of potential renters. If you limit the pool of potential renters it takes longer to rent your property. Allowing the right kind of pets reduces your vacancy losses by ensuring that your property stays occupied and rented.

Should you rent your property furnished or unfurnished?

Typically short-term rentals are offered furnished as they are used for vacation or corporate housing. However, long-term rentals are typically offered unfurnished, because most long-term renters have their own furniture. In our experience, only a very small number of renters are looking for a furnished long-term rental in the Tampa Bay area, so it will take you a long time to find a long-term renter if you only offer your property furnished.

Should I rent my property without a background check?

All landlords want to rent their property to good tenants. The only effective (and legal) way to know if your potential new tenants will be good neighbors and trustworthy of your property is to perform a thorough background check. This should include credit, criminal, sex-offender, income, and prior landlord references. It’s better to leave your property vacant than to rent to the wrong person.