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Tampa Background Screening for Rental Homes

It is critical to make the right decisions when selecting renters for your rental property, as your future depends on predicting the future behavior of your renter.

The Tampa background screening process Hoffman Realty uses is one of the most important steps in ensuring your property has a quality tenant.

Hoffman Realty conducts the most thorough renter background screening of any Professional Property Management company.

Don’t settle for less. Compare our 11-step Background Screening chart below or call us Toll Free at (888)-643-4549.

We distinguish applicant behavior by asking these 4 behavioral questions:

~Are you who you say you are?
~Can this applicant afford to live here?
~Does this applicant have a history of paying their bills?
~Is this applicant a desirable neighbor and trustworthy of the property?

A cement pathway leads to a beige house with Mediterranean styling, near where Hoffman Realty offers their Tampa background screening process

11-Step Background Screening

The Best Predictor of Future Behavior…is Past Behavior

With our Tampa background screening process, we conduct a thorough applicant background check for your investment property.

Behavior Triggers Solution Hoffman Realty Company A Company B
Are you who you say you are? 1. Obtain Government Issued Identification
2. Social Security Number Verification
Can this applicant afford to live here? 3. Income/Employment Verification
4. Credit Report
Does this applicant have a history of paying their bills? 5. Credit Score
6. Review of Landlord and Utility Debt/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Tax Liens/Collections/Legal Items
7. National Eviction Search
Is this applicant a desirable neighbor and trustworthy of the property? 8. Prior Landlord Verification
9. National Criminal Search
10. National Sex Offender Search
11. International Terrorist Database Search


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May 20, 2024
Google - Jamaican - Hoffman Realty LLC
A. Johnson I worked with Stacy Jordan from Hoffman Realty. As a person who struggles with anxiety, Stacy made the process stress free for me. She made sure I understtood all the cdocuments and kept me informed throughout the process. I would highly recomend working with Stacy Jordan and Hoffman realty LLC
May 17, 2024
Google - E - Hoffman Realty LLC
I recently moved into a property managed by Hoffman Realty. The property had some issues on the back patio and Stacy Jordan at Hoffman as well as other members of the staff worked with me as the liaison to the owner and arranged to have the patio renovated. I was very happy with the efficiency of their staff overall, to include their retained contractors. Thanks Hoffman!
May 17, 2024
Google - Jarrell - Hoffman Realty LLC
Once again, high praises to the property management team, Ms. Stacy Jordan, by responding so quickly to our meld request; less than 24 hours response time. Mr. Dennis arrived at our home in a timely manner and fixed our water pressure in a manner of minutes. He also took the time to correct some other minor issues that a meld request was not needed. Thank you, Stacy Jordan, for your excellent turnover maintenance repair time once again. 5 out of 5 stars.
May 17, 2024
Google - David - Hoffman Realty LLC
Hoffman Realty Is Professional, Trustworthy, and All-Around Great to work with! Highly Recommend to anyone and everyone looking for a great management company or a place to call home.
May 15, 2024
Google - Marli - Hoffman Realty LLC
Jeanette has been absolutely wonderful to work with at Hoffman Realty. She is very helpful and informative! Truly appreciate her, Dennis and the team at Hoffman.
May 14, 2024
Google - Audrey - Hoffman Realty LLC
I worked with Nina Ortiz. She was very professional and knowledgeable. Nina always returned calls or text with any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend Nina Ortiz and Hoffman Realty LLC
Apr 30, 2024
Google - Michael - Hoffman Realty LLC
Hoffman Realty has been a dream to rent from, personal, professional service that is quick to act when necessary. My sincerest thanks to all the staff at Hoffman's!
Apr 25, 2024
Google - Darren - Hoffman Realty LLC
Been with Hoffman for over 18 years. Reliable, trustworthy, and a good pulse on the market. The staff is great to work with. They have helped me buy and sell multiple properties and I recommend them to anyone looking for an agent in the South Tampa market.
Apr 18, 2024
Google - Nina - Hoffman Realty LLC
My husband and I have been renting from Hoffman Realty for the last 8 months. It is our first experience with a property manager group, and everyone has been amazing. Nina, our realtor who helped us find the property and do the application and everything was amazing to work with. Stacy Jordan, is our property manager, is so great as well. They work quickly and are great communicators. We are so thankful we have been able to have such a professional group helping us through this process.
Apr 15, 2024
Google - Janet - Hoffman Realty LLC
MaryAnn Hoffman and the team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. My dad had been working with the Hoffman team for well over a decade. They make owning property seamless as they manage any tenant issues expeditiously. We recently sold one of the homes in Florida and MaryAnn sold the property in record time! Selling the home with the Hoffman Realty team was a pleasure if you can say that when you're dealing with the sale of a rental home. I will definitely look to the Hoffman team to handle all of our business in Florida going forward. I greatly appreciated the prompt response, professionalism and honesty of the entire team. Thank you MaryAnn!
Apr 3, 2024
Google - Haley - Hoffman Realty LLC
I've enjoyed working with Hoffman Realty specifically Stacy J. She's always been kind to respond quickly and clarify questions and serves as an advocate for me as a renter. I have not always had the greatest experience with renting myself but the customer service is supportive from this organization and solution focused.
Mar 11, 2024
Google - Jeremiah - Hoffman Realty LLC
Working with Jeanette Hardy has been exceptional. She stays on top of everything, has a sense of urgency and care for the tenant she is assisting and is a phenomenal communicator. This is a great leasing company/realtor and I plan to continue using Hoffman for my future housing needs!
Mar 7, 2024
Google - John - Hoffman Realty LLC
Renting through Hoffman was a breeze. It was very simple to view, and rent this property once I got Nina Ortiz phone. Once I saw the beautiful property, she quickly guided me through the application process. I’ll be in my new home next month. Stacy Jordan is my property Manager for the last year. And just like clockwork, if I needed anything at all she was on it. It was a definite pleasure working with her!
Feb 27, 2024
Google - Paul - Hoffman Realty LLC
The property management experience with Hoffman Realty has been outstanding. The management company is properly structured to meet the needs of owners who rent their property. Hoffman Realty representative, Stacy Jordan, handles my property and her ability to properly managed rental property is superb. She is a seasoned professional and dedicated to getting the job done correctly. I am extremely happy with the performance of Hoffman Realty and especially Stacy Jordan.
Feb 24, 2024
Google - Raphael - Hoffman Realty LLC
Hoffman Realty has been beyond phenomenal the last several years managing my property. They have a trustworthy, responsive, and reliable team that ensure your property is managed in a way that provides peace of mind. Stacey is top notch and I can rely on her to troubleshoot any issue while getting resolution in every aspect and most importantly follow up on every action. Thank you Stacey !!!! Lastly, I want to thank John and Linda and the Hoffman Owners for year support managing our home while I have been away serving in the military.
Feb 24, 2024
Google - Mukundhan - Hoffman Realty LLC
I had a great experience working with Hoffman Realty. They have a very professional and hard working team managing my rental properties for over an year now. Stacy Jordan, who manages my property, had been excellent in handling all matters such as tenant search, property maintenance, and any issue management. She is a pleasure to work and always very prompt with her communication & timely reminders. MaryAnn had been great as well providing direction and guidance on property management and is very transparent with company policies. I highly recommend Hoffman Realty for property management service in the Tampa area.
Feb 23, 2024
Google - Jennifer - Hoffman Realty LLC
We really enjoy working with Hoffman Realty. One of my girlfriends told me by word-of-mouth of this company, then I met with MaryAnn, the owner, and I was immediately sold by her kindness, expertise and passion for what she does. I already knew I was in great hands. They made everything super easy and the initiation process overall was very quick. Stacy is our property manager. She is always available to take any questions that I may have. And always has a sense of urgency. She is always kind, and I can tell every time I speak with her on the phone she’s smiling and loves what she does! It was so nice that my husband and I could go on our honeymoon, and Hoffman Realty took care of the rest. They found our tenant did a thorough background check And already had a move-in date by the time we got back from our trip. It was a seamless process. And we didn’t have to worry about finding our own tenant while freshly married. We love Hoffman Realty! Thank you for all that you do! Ken and Jen
Feb 15, 2024
Google - Jami - Hoffman Realty LLC
We have had an excellent experience with Hoffman Realty. Stacy Jordan specifically has managed our rental property. She is quick to respond to emails and maintenance requests (there have been few) and more importantly, she follows up! Highly recommend!
Feb 10, 2024
Google - Brian - Hoffman Realty LLC
MaryAnn managed our rental house in Tampa without a hitch for two years. When we were ready to sell, she oversaw all the repairs, helped us get the house to market, sold, and closed within a month of listing—all with clear communication along the way. Highly recommended!
Jan 31, 2024
Google - Maria - Hoffman Realty LLC
Provided excellent service, prompt response, efficient and definitely enjoy working with Nibea Ortiz! She was very helpful throughout the entire transaction. ☺️
Jan 25, 2024
Google - Scott - Hoffman Realty LLC
Had a lovely experience with the management company. Very responsive and honest. We put a lot of effort into cleaning the place when we left and they were honorable enough to give a full refund of the deposit. Jeanette was friendly and quick to respond to any issues. The only complaint would have to be in regards to contractual obligations in regards to exterminators and carpet cleaning. But I suppose that was on the owner, asking for an exterminator to kill imaginary bugs upon moving out. No biggy tho.
Jan 22, 2024
Google - Kelly - Hoffman Realty LLC
The entire Hoffman Realty team comes through again with quick and efficient resolution to our mechanical problem.
Hoffman Realty LLC replied on Aug 18, 2020:
Thanks Kelly, We appreciate your feedback on Amanda and how we are doing. Andrew
Jan 22, 2024
Google - Sasha - Hoffman Realty LLC
Loved working with Hoffman Realty. MaryAnn was excellent! She managed our property for two years and then was our agent when we decided to sell. The communication and organization was excellent. She answered any questions I had And made sure I understood everything. She was always one phone call away. Definitely will use her again for any future properties that need managing! Thank you MaryAnn Hoffman!!
Jan 19, 2024
Google - Heather - Hoffman Realty LLC
Nina has been wonderful and so helpful!
Jan 16, 2024
Google - Franzi - Hoffman Realty LLC
We really enjoy working with Hoffman Realty. The onboarding process was quick and straightforward. Everyone we've interacted with has been very helpful and just fantastic. Stacy, our property manager, is exceptional! She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and is always available and quick to respond when we have questions or something needs to be done! Couldn't recommend the team at Hoffman Realty more! You guys are wonderful to work with!


What insurance do I need as a Landlord?

For hazard coverage, you will need a “Dwelling Policy” for your house or a “Rented to Others” Rider for your condo. For liability coverage, make sure you have sufficient general liability coverage in your hazard policy or through a separate commercial liability policy.

If you are new to being a landlord, you should consult with your insurance agent to ensure you are properly protected.

How should a landlord hold escrow?

If your tenant gives you a security deposit, or advance rent, these funds must go into escrow. In Florida, it is best to open a separate bank account to hold escrow as the law requires that these funds not be commingled with your personal funds. The law dictates this account should be at a “Florida banking institution” and, if you choose an interest-bearing account, 75% of the interest, or 5% of the funds deposited, must be paid to your tenant.

What is a Stipulation?

A Stipulation is a court-approved Payment Plan for a tenant that has fallen behind on their rent payments to their Landlord. It is a way to avoid completing an eviction for your tenants who are serious about getting caught up.

Should I accept pets?

Almost 80% of renters in the Tampa Bay area have a pet, so landlords that promote a “no pet” policy miss a huge number of potential renters. If you limit the pool of potential renters, it takes longer to rent your property. Allowing the right kind of pets reduces your vacancy losses by ensuring that your property stays occupied and rented.

Should you rent your property furnished or unfurnished?

Typically short-term rentals are offered furnished as they are used for vacation or corporate housing. However, long-term rentals are typically offered unfurnished, because most long-term renters have their own furniture. In our experience, only a very small number of renters are looking for a furnished long-term rental in the Tampa Bay area, so it will take you a long time to find a long-term renter if you only offer your property furnished.

Should I rent my property without a background check?

All landlords want to rent their property to good tenants. The only effective (and legal) way to know if your potential new tenants will be good neighbors and trustworthy of your property is to perform a thorough background check. This should include credit, criminal, sex-offender, income, and prior landlord references. It’s better to leave your property vacant than to rent to the wrong person.

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