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Tampa Background Screening for Rental Homes

It is critical to make the right decisions when selecting renters for your rental property, as your future depends on predicting the future behavior of your renter.

The Tampa background screening process Hoffman Realty uses is one of the most important steps in ensuring your property has a quality tenant.

Hoffman Realty conducts the most thorough renter background screening of any Professional Property Management company.

Don’t settle for less. Compare our 11-step Background Screening chart below or call us Toll Free at (888)-643-4549.

We distinguish applicant behavior by asking these 4 behavioral questions:

~Are you who you say you are?
~Can this applicant afford to live here?
~Does this applicant have a history of paying their bills?
~Is this applicant a desirable neighbor and trustworthy of the property?

A cement pathway leads to a beige house with Mediterranean styling, near where Hoffman Realty offers their Tampa background screening process

11-Step Background Screening

The Best Predictor of Future Behavior…is Past Behavior

With our Tampa background screening process, we conduct a thorough applicant background check for your investment property.

Behavior Triggers Solution Hoffman Realty Company A Company B
Are you who you say you are? 1. Obtain Government Issued Identification
2. Social Security Number Verification
Can this applicant afford to live here? 3. Income/Employment Verification
4. Credit Report
Does this applicant have a history of paying their bills? 5. Credit Score
6. Review of Landlord and Utility Debt/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Tax Liens/Collections/Legal Items
7. National Eviction Search
Is this applicant a desirable neighbor and trustworthy of the property? 8. Prior Landlord Verification
9. National Criminal Search
10. National Sex Offender Search
11. International Terrorist Database Search


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May 20, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Sait
Great Customer Service !!!! A+
May 16, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Keith
Hoffman Realty LLC has managed our property for more than 2 years now and Mary Ann, Jeanette and the entire Hoffman Realty team has been very responsive to the concerns regarding our property. It’s not often that a customer can directly contact the company owner (Mary Ann) and feel how genuinely she was about finding the best workable solution to a perceived negative encounter that we had with the company. Hoffman Realty does a great job in developing an honest relationship with its customers and is very responsive to our needs. We would recommend Hoffman Realty LLC to family and friends alike. Continue the good work. Thank you for being outstanding professionals in the property management community.
May 12, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Steph
I had a great experience interacting with MaryAnn and Hoffman Realty. She was extremely resourceful and fast to reply to all questions I had.
May 6, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Linda
Hoffman Realty went above and beyond to see to it we got the house we wanted. We are so appreciative for all your help.
Hoffman Realty replied on May 8, 2019:
Hi Linda, Thank you very much. We are looking forward to working with you. Andrew
May 6, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Theodorsia
Hoffman Realty is the best! There are no problems with them only challenges, and they get them solved right away with a friendly phone call to the owners, letting them know everything is okay!
Hoffman Realty replied on May 8, 2019:
Hi Theo, Thank you for your kind words about us. We really enjoy working for an excellent landlord like you. Thanks again, MaryAnn
Apr 16, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Russ
Very cooperative and responsive agent to work with! Thanks Mary
Apr 6, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Clay
Hoffman Realty was first class throughout the time we worked with them! They were our property managers for four years and our real estate team once we decided to sale. My wife and I are both in the Air Force stationed in Texas and our home was in Tampa. At no point did we ever have to worry about our property because Hoffman was always on top of everything. They made the renting and selling of our home extremely easy. Thank you MaryAnn!!!!
Hoffman Realty replied on Apr 3, 2019:
Hi Clay, We will miss working for you. Thank you very much for the nice review and especially for being so awesome to work with over the last 4 years. MaryAnn
Mar 4, 2019
Hoffman Realty KBW
Karen testing a positive review on Kiosk
Feb 2, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Joseph
Hoffman Realty has been an tremendous help in managing my rental properties. Jeanette Hardy is a fantastic property manager. She is always available, ready to be if assistance, and caring of all she works with. Jeanette and the Hoffman team are great assets to have on your team!
Hoffman Realty replied on Feb 3, 2019:
Hi Joseph, We really appreciate your nice feedback about Jeanette. Thank-you, Andrew
Jan 28, 2019
Google Hoffman Realty Rebekah
Hoffman Realty has addressed any concerns of the tenant quickly, which is important to me as a landlord. In addition, MaryAnn assures that several bids by vendors are obtained in order to assure fair charges to the landlord, and Pam Pagel does an excellent job of preparing and explaining monthly and annual finance reports.
Hoffman Realty replied on Jan 29, 2019:
Hi Rebekah, Thank-you for you kind words about our company and particularly Pam and MaryAnn. We enjoy working for you and Dan as you care and treat your tenants right. Andrew


What insurance do I need as a Landlord?

For hazard coverage, you will need a “Dwelling Policy” for your house or a “Rented to Others” Rider for your condo. For liability coverage, make sure you have sufficient general liability coverage in your hazard policy or through a separate commercial liability policy.
If you are new to being a landlord you should consult with your insurance agent to ensure you are properly protected.

How should a landlord hold escrow?

If your tenant gives you a security deposit or advance rent these funds must go into escrow. In Florida, it is best to open a separate bank account to hold escrow as the law requires that these funds not be commingled with your personal funds. The law dictates this account should be at a “Florida banking institution” and if you choose an interest-bearing account, 75% of the interest or 5% of the funds deposited must be paid to your tenant.

What is a Stipulation?

A Stipulation is a court-approved Payment Plan for a tenant that has fallen behind on their rent payments to their Landlord. It is a way to avoid completing an eviction for your tenants who are serious about getting caught up.

Should I accept pets?

Almost 80% of renters in the Tampa Bay area have a pet, so landlords that promote a “no pet” policy miss a huge number of potential renters. If you limit the pool of potential renters it takes longer to rent your property. Allowing the right kind of pets reduces your vacancy losses by ensuring that your property stays occupied and rented.

Should you rent your property furnished or unfurnished?

Typically short-term rentals are offered furnished as they are used for vacation or corporate housing. However, long-term rentals are typically offered unfurnished, because most long-term renters have their own furniture. In our experience, only a very small number of renters are looking for a furnished long-term rental in the Tampa Bay area, so it will take you a long time to find a long-term renter if you only offer your property furnished.

Should I rent my property without a background check?

All landlords want to rent their property to good tenants. The only effective (and legal) way to know if your potential new tenants will be good neighbors and trustworthy of your property is to perform a thorough background check. This should include credit, criminal, sex-offender, income, and prior landlord references. It’s better to leave your property vacant than to rent to the wrong person.

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